April 23, 2020

"We had another amazing experience at Longship. We can in with a few items that had been gifted to us by our friend who’s passed to be identified. As always I started window shopping the rings when I asked to see the 9s Josh literally picked the ring that I was staring at and offered it to me to try on. That was just the sign I needed to take that very ring home with me. My partner got spoiled with two new hammer, an Axe, a ring (mine is more awesomer) and a pocket set of runes for a friend. Thor was very helpful and wrapped everything with care and explaining everything we had questions about. His lady(I didn’t catch her name) went above and beyond making sure we had a custom made clasp for the new hammer and chain we had but at our last visit. If your looking for some or even if your not, Longship will have something that calls to you one way or another. Great staff and plenty of treasures to be had!"
April 16, 2020

"Absolutely fantastic service, Amazing wares, a calm and friendly atmosphere, I couldn't imagine buying anywhere else"
March 8, 2020

"Love the excellent customer service my family ALWAYS receive... If you looking for genuine sterling silver jewellery, this is your 1 stop shop"
February 20, 2020

"Run by a great family. Lots of unique and rare items."
February 9, 2020

"Stella and Thor and Kathy are so welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. We spent a good 3 hours in there and didn't even see everything on display. If you don't see it, ask, because they probably have it in the back. ;) There's crystals, animal pelts, antiques, knives, antique knives, jewelry, herbs and more. If you are part of the metaphysical community and haven't been here yet, you are missing out. I know I have been. We will definitely be back soon."