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August 20, 2021

"Discovered this place about 6 years ago through a friend, been hooked ever since. I make a point of going in for a few hours at least once every few months, even if I don't plan on shopping.__You see, the charm of this store is the people. When you go in, you aren't just looking at mass produced jewellry, or reproduction art pieces, or dime a dozen gas station blades. My wedding ring came from this store. The jasper honing stone that keeps my knives sharp for work came from there. I have tapestries featuring original art of the owner covering my walls, t-shirts i wear almost every day, a beautiful set of carved drinking horns that were used for my wedding, and so much more. I go in not just for the shiny rocks or pretty blades, or hand carved statues of deities, but for the wealth of knowledge and history that goes along with them. Knives forged the same way as before the dark ages, pieces of jewellry literally older than Jesus, and a history lesson from a man that has traveled the world with every visit. I have brought countless friends and family here not just because I want them to buy something from a super cool local business that has been going for 50 years or more, but because I want as many people as I can to share in this wealth of knowledge and history and meet these amazing people keeping old trades and history alive.__Stop in, look around, and treat yourself to an adventure. You won't be disappointed."
August 14, 2021

"This place is amazing. So many beautiful pieces of jewlery and many amazing other things. The staff are all super kind and very knowledgeable. Just left and will most definitely be back."
August 2, 2021

"Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Made the experience fun."
July 23, 2021

"Found on google because I was looking for antiquities "
July 22, 2021

"Amazing place super friendly workers. Don't push sales very knowledgeable!"