November 15, 2018

A Norse/Celtic Dream!

"I have frequented this amazing shop for many years. Each time I go in, I find out something new about my Norse & Celtic families. The selection of products is incredible; one would never believe that such a monumental selection could be found in such a cozy building. Thorir and his team are knowledgeable not only in the products, but can also tell you a great deal about their origin, meaning, and spiritual significance. As a student both my Norse (Father) and Celtic (Mother) heritage, I find that I don't have to go any further than just down the street to have a spiritual and family experience. You must visit!!!"
October 13, 2018

"Wonderful service and an amazing array of goods."
October 5, 2018

Outstanding Little Shop!

"Outstanding little shop. Can't believe they could pack this much awesome in one little store. Either way, the staff is equally awesome as well as helpful and knowledgeable about a wide variety of various goods they offer. Obviously, the name and subtitle pretty much explains that they have Celtic and Scandinavian goods, so if you like that genre,..this is definately a must see shop. But even if Celtic/Nordic items and accesories don't do it for you,.. there's really something for everyone here. There's a wide variety of both sterling silver and hills silver items as well as other common historical metals such as bronze, copper, and iron. Jewlery, swords, textiles, leather goods, carved and stone items. The list goes on and on,..and the helpful staff knows their stuff. Something you're looking for? They will get you dialed in like a laser beam. They can most likely show you what you were looking for and more. I've honestly not seen this much, good quality nordic and celtic stuff all in one place before. It's great, and I highly recommend you check it out. Sure there might be other ring and jewelry places out there, but most of their goods are made in china junk. This store has well made, sturdy items that will last. Their prices are also reasonable. If you think they're pricey,.. then you probably haven't looked at the pricing of the raw materials that go into a quality product lately. I would say the prices are more than fair,..not a fire sale by any means,..but you get what you pay for,..and they have a lot of nice items here. They also have a large selection of antiquities and coinage from various historical periods. Seriously,..stop what you're doing,..and go pay them a visit,..you will not be dissapointed"
September 22, 2018

Wonderful Gift Shop

"Wonderful gift shop, the couple that own it are very sweet and helpful. I can't wait for my next visit."
August 26, 2018

Locally Owned Lesson in History

"This is an amazing locally owned lesson in history. We have purchased treasures here, coins, jewelry, scarves. But the real treasure is the owners. They have so much knowledge about the unique, historical treasures they sell. Well worth gift time to drop in."