Notice: Since we provide niche and rare products that come and go often, we do not sell products online. Please contact us today and we would be happy to share photos and details of our products, then ship them to you!


September 3, 2023

"This mom and pop small business has the best Old Norse items, gifts, and more!"
August 30, 2023

"awesome place to shop, staff is friendly and the prices are perfect and affordable"
August 29, 2023

"Quality products nice prices and just plain nice people."
August 29, 2023

"My experience is online, although I would very much love to visit the shop in person. I live just outside Atlanta, Ga and follow the store on Facebook, as suggested by a friend. I always enjoy the posts they shared on history and archaeology, but then one day they shared a post showcasing some drinking horns they had in stock. I contacted them and corresponded with Thorir, who told me that of course I could order one, so I did. They were very prompt with the shipping, the horn and the wrought iron base were well constructed, and Ive been happily using and displaying it ever since. 10/10 would recommend them."
August 29, 2023

"Everyone that works here is amazing. I was visiting Washington back in 2020 found this shop by chance. Ended up spending about 4 hours talking to the people. Bought all ofy jewelry and books from them. This place is phenomenal"